With 15 years of document control experience, I am creating the ultimate system that will be extremely time & cost saving and typing will be minimal. A lot of time is wasted with renaming files (My program does the renaming, even from scanned files)

Fully automated Document Management System in Excel

Key Features

  • Revision Control on OneDrive/Sharepoint
  • Supersede Current & Previous revisions and replace attachment on any revision
  • See next number before upload
  • Automatically rename the file when uploading, using the document number, revision, title & status
  • Documents automatically uploaded from work folder to OneDrive in the correct project folder
  • Auto Numbering, even drawings with sheet numbers
  • Separate folders for confidential documents
  • Create mail groups
  • Auto text for mail body
  • Prefix & Suffix for quick mails
  • Create bulk numbers for place holders
  • Create Bulk ID to upload and issue a bath even if the number does not follow as in register
  • Bulk Upload
  • Bulk file renamer, using the document number, revision, title & status
  • Create complete email with attachments from excel (WIP)
  • Predefined subjects (WIP)
  • Transmittal history (WIP)
  • Very good and visual project report – Partial (Generate report from DMS to excel and group each number with all revisions. Level 1 will show latest and Level 2 all revisions.
  • Dashboards for the following (WIP)
    1. Percentage Approved for Construction
      1. showing all different statuses
    2. NCR’s (Open – Responded – Closed-Out)
    3. TQ’s (Open – Responded – Approval – Completion of Work)
    4. RFI’s (Open – Responded)
    5. PCN’s (Pending – Approved
    6. Facility Handover (Pending – Approved)
    7. Taking Over Certificates
    8. Completion Certificates
    9. As-Built percentage
    10. Databook handover (Pending – Approval)